Promoting local skills is an integral part of Design@Bay’s culture. The agency’s in-house training scheme and utilization of previously disadvantaged individuals to assist in certain creative projects brings this ideal to fruition.

The Walmer Angel Projects

Education and empowerment are passions for Design@Bay. This is what keeps the company continuously striving to create stronger bonds with the disadvantaged within our community. This has led to Design@Bay adopting another social responsibility project, the Walmer Angel Projects.

Established in 2005 by Glenda Brunette, the Walmer Angel Projects is a Non-Profit Organisation that gives support to the community of Walmer Location, especially the Day Care/ Crèche going children of this community. Since inception, the organisation has taken on 22 Crèches under its wing.

With projects such as The Shine Chapter, the food gardens and soup kitchens, the Walmer Angel Projects encourages literacy from a young age. Apart from activating various charity drives for gumboots, blankets and school uniforms, the organisation believes strongly in grass roots empowerment through self sustaining methods.

Design@Bay is currently developing branding and marketing collateral such as a brochure and website for the Projects. These will further assist the Projects in possibly reaching other communities, businesses and private persons who would like to assist.

Design@Bay further hosts various interns on a yearly basis to assist in skills development and the transfer of skills within the communication, graphic design, marketing and advertising fields.


Design@Bay adopted Zama as their social responsibility project. The kids and management of the Project, which was based in New Brighton Township, made a lasting impact on the staff of Design@Bay.

The team developed a new brand identity for the Project and further assisted the organisation in reaching possible other communities, businesses and private persons, who would like to assist Zama in providing education to the youth of New Brighton, by creating an interactive website with various interactive and informative attributes.