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Meals on wheels

Port Elizabeth is fast becoming a city which hosts popular and trendy events for locals to enjoy creative design and food markets .The food truck trend, which has been around for centuries, has now made its way to Port Elizabeth with the Baakens Food Truck Friday taking place on a selected Friday of each month.

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Success at its best!

They say that competition in the workplace is healthy; it forces us to do our best, which is why it is imperative to make sure one is capable of handling anything that comes one’s way. Productivity, positivity and planning are the three P’s that ensures success in the workplace and by enforcing them into your daily work routine, one is sure to benefit from the results.

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More than just a Triangle

Who doesn’t enjoy a golden brown, three cornered savory delight, filled with any desirable meaty or vegetarian filling for lunch or a light snack?

For those who did not know, samoosas were originally named “samsa” after the pyramids in Central Asia, where samoosas are originally from. Most individuals ...

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