About Us


Design@Bay was established in the year 2000, and remains one of the leading communications, design, and branding houses in the Eastern Cape.  The company has an excellent track record in marketing communication, developing and managing brands, and the creative use of various communication tools.  The agency further specializes in the generation of sector / product focussed market intelligence, which is a niche in the communications arena.

Design@Bay is based in Port Elizabeth with an established extended international office that is exploring opportunities in a highly competitive emerging market. This assures our specialized expertise in digital, multimedia and interactive tools in the online marketing and communication services sector.

The team is skilled, knowledgeable and uses current technology and equipment to develop a variety of marketing, advertising and communication products. 

In creating innovative brand identities, and a wide range of multi-solution products, Design@Bay facilitates the shift into new technological paradigms.

Meet The Director


    Dipti Varghese

    Founder and Managing Director, Dipti Varghese holds a Master of design degree and has 20+ years of experience in the exclusive communications industry of India, Japan and South Africa. As a member of the Businesswomen’s Association (BWA) for over six years, Dipti is passionate about women empowerment. A Businesswoman of the year finalist herself, she serves on the mentoring board of the organisation.

    Aside from initiating and conceptualizing creative work, Dipti provides guidance to the team, and oversees all projects from inception to delivery. As a firm believer in skills transfer, she has headed and developed various design-related modules/subjects for the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in the School of Language, Media and Communication at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.